Bombay: The Stalinist Leadership and the Destruction of the Left

-Adhiraj Bose

On the 37th martyr day of Krishna Desai, the labour leader of Bombay, murdered by the fascist bands of Shiv Sena in 1972, this write up is the obituary to those who fought and perished.

......and a large gathering of armed workers numbering in thousands assembled at the charred office. In this frenzied mood the workers vowed to wipe out the fascists at a stroke. Workers were all prepared to execute their will. But the bogus Stalinist leadership was frightened and could not dare to issue a signal. The armed workers looked towards the leadership, but the leadership consciously held them back. The truth is that the sight of armed workers ready to attack, struck not an inspiration but fear in the minds of the Stalinist leadership itself, because of its own allegiance to the bourgeois. They feared losing control over the workers at that moment and prevented the workers from rising against the impending fascist threat............

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