Shopian Double Murder and Rape: High Court Directs Arrest and Blood-Test of Four Top Cops; Protests Still Refuse to Die Down

-Rajesh Tyagi/ 15 July 2009

.....This is not the first such case in Kashmir. There have been continuous complaints against the officials of armed forces deployed in Kashmir, from fake encounters of people to gang rapes and murder of women. The agencies like the Amnesty International have time and again published such gory incidents, which have become routine affair in Kashmir, where civilian rule has collapsed long before and which reels under the unrestricted and unbridled rule of armed forces. This yoke of the rule of armed forces has become unbearable for the people in Kashmir and hence such violent protests. The protests and the hand to hand fight by the people with the armed forces, shows that the people are losing the fear of death in the face of more dehumanising repression by the Indian State and its armed forces. The faith, however is lost long before.

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