The Hidden Dynamics of Chinese Revolution

(Writings and Speeches of Leon Trotsky on China) 1925-1940
With an introduction by Rajesh Tyagi

Pages: 624; Price: Rs.395
Publisher: Aakar Books
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About the Book

Contents of this book relate to the greatest political debate of our times over the issue of political orientation of world communist movement. The disputes, Trotsky raised to the policy of Comintern under Stalin, towards the Chinese Revolution of 1925-27, comprise significant part of the overall struggle which continued inside the world communist movement between its two opposing tendencies. This debate, suppressed under the colossal machine of Stalinist censorship all over the world, highlights and explains the crushing failures suffered by the world proletariat and ultimate destruction of the world communist movement at the hands of epigones of Leninism- Stalinists and Maoists. It is imperative, especially for young Marxists to acquaint themselves with these disputes, not only to find out the errors of the past but also to ensure the prospects of future. These disputes which were raised eight decades before, retain their importance, rather more importance than ever today, for all those who strive to find the sure road to revolution, especially in the backward East.

Refuting the myths spread by the bureaucratic regimes under Stalin and Mao about the Chinese revolution, the works of Trotsky during 1925-1940 show through facts, figures and reason as to how a revolutionary situation fully mature for a proletarian revolution was defused by the policies of Comintern and how then the bureaucracy rode to power in China in 1949 on the backs of the defeat of proletariat.

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