Public Statement on the Attacks on Indian Students in Australia

Racial Attacks are the Instrument to Divide the Working Class: Resist the Divisive Agenda of the Elite Rulers through the Unity of the Working Class!

We are witness to a spate of attacks upon Indian immigrant students in Australia, which are essentially instigated by racist motives. These attacks are taking place at a time when world capitalism is facing its worst economic crisis ever since 1930’s. In the background of this crisis, a rage of popular unrest is continuously building up in all countries against the elite governments, who are manoeuvring to shift the entire burden of the crisis to the shoulders of the working people, while simultaneously bailing out the rich through hefty financial packages.

United working class is the axis of a formidable counter-current, around which people may organise to oppose the designs of the elite and its government. Taking stock of this situation, the elite ruling class, is thus desperate to prevent the working class from uniting itself and organising a resistance to its regime and policies. Apparently, this cannot be done through the ordinary peacetime policies.

The economic recession, is undoubtedly the logical outcome of the operation of market system based on capitalism, riddled with such convulsions, which these elite rulers had continued to serve for decades. Now with the system landing into an acute crisis, they have started to prepare for its defence against the working people, who are the worst hit by the crisis. They seek this defence through dividing the working class, by pushing through the divisive agenda based on the identities of nationality, race, caste, religion, ethnicity and region etc. and divert their legitimate anguish, against each other.

Alongside the United States and European countries, Australia is yet another one where the working class, comprised of both locals and immigrants, has recently demonstrated its defiant mood against the crisis through mass protests in the streets. The rich and the elite becoming alarmed by the radicalisation of working class, are attempting to disrupt the unity of the working class by rabid racism pushed through violence. The elite ruling class in Australia is resorting to fascism, to subjugate the working people, disrupt their unity and thereby paralyse their strength.

As we may see, the Australian incidents are not isolated ones and Australian elites are not alone in these attempts, rather the pro-rich ruling classes in all countries are resorting to the same divisive politics and would intensify such assaults in near future. History shows that whenever the rule of elite faces such crisis, it takes to fascism, building up itself upon the frustration generated out of this crisis and misdirecting it against working people themselves.

Ever since more than a century, the development of science and technology have attained a very high potential making it possible for everyone on the globe to have access not only to the bare necessities of life but luxuries too, with a few hours of productive work. Everyone could be employed to contribute in production and thus participate in consumption, eliminating the rat-race for jobs and material needs of life. But the outdated production relations of capitalist imperialism, confined within the very limited and narrow framework of a system of 'socialised production and private consumption' create an impediment to it, through regular trimming or outright destruction of the productive forces, frequently. World capitalism survives today through continuous destruction of productive forces.

The productive forces, in our times have already outgrown the narrow system of nation-state upon which had rested the edifice of modern Imperialism.

At their bottom, the contradictions of our epoch, are the offshoots of this clash between the productive forces, prime among them the working class, on the one hand and the production relations of imperialism grounded in nation-states on the other. The elite rulers in different countries, serving imperialism, attack the ever expanding productive forces, to keep it rooted in the old system and under its yoke. In the period of crisis, they have forgotten their dreams of globalisation, and are turning more and more inwards to their own countries, to destroy the productive forces, primarily the working class, before these productive forces grow and consolidate themselves to destroy the production relations protected by the old regimes of the nation-states. This can be done only by smashing through the barricades of International working class, by disrupting its unity.

The attacks on Indian students in Australia are the fallout of this through and through reactionary program of elite classes and their agent rulers, which can be fought only through a united resistance of Australian, Indian and other sections of the working class.

We condemn these attacks, calling for a united action on the part of the working people of all countries, races and communities, against the policies of the elite rulers. The deepening crisis of the market system of capitalism, cannot be resolved except through wars, violence and resulting degradation of the humanity as a whole. The working class is thus assigned the historic task to uproot the system of capitalist Imperialism, save the productive forces from further destruction, and to substitute it with a socialised system of production as well as consumption.

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