Occupy Delhi! Launch a Struggle to wipe out capitalism!! Join the Worldwide Anti-Capitalist Protests for equality and socialism

-Appeal by 'the new wave'

The whole world is rocked by anti-capitalist protests, triggered by the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests in New York. Massive protests have spread to hundreds of cities in more than 80 countries of the world.

At the center of these growing protests, lies the deep-rooted opposition to the immense socio-economic inequality and political deprivation of the majority of workers and toilers, the dominant and common feature of all capitalist nations of the world.

The insatiable drive of the financial aristocracy for more and more money has fuelled one crisis after another and bankrupted the world economy again and again. The great economic crisis, which emerged on the eve of WW-I continued through even bigger crisis of 1930’s triggering WW-II. It still continues off-shooting innumerable imperialist wars from Iraq to Afghanistan, preparing ground for WW-III. The fresh round of world economic crisis starting in 2008 and ever deepening before our eyes is the continuity of it. The top miniscule minority of much less than one percent, are responsible for all this crisis. This minority of bankers and financers, still rooted in national states, has captured all wealth and resources on the globe, in their hands and have pushed the great majority of people, the workers and toilers, to abominable conditions of life- poverty, starvation and suicides. Working and toiling people are pulverised under one economic crisis after another.

Unfazed by the crisis, the rich bosses, however, are still striving to fill their coffers with gold, putting all burden of the crisis on the shoulders of the working and toiling people. The very same corporates, who say they have no money to pay decent wages and who carry out job cuts in the name of austerity, continue to pay their executives millions or even tens of millions of dollars. Working people reject with contempt the claim of the capitalist governments that there is no money to meet the basic social needs of health, education and employment.

The anti-capitalist protests now taking place all over the globe, are answer to these intolerable conditions of life. These protests, sparked by sporadic protest in NYC, are turning into a prairie fire of anti-capitalist world resistance, which remains defiant in face of the state repression.

Year 2011, had begun with the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, followed by an outbreak of mass protests in Wisconsin and continued with convulsive struggles in Greece, Spain, Israel, Great Britain and other countries. The movement has great prospects to expand and grow in the days to come.

In India, where capitalists rule through most barbaric and corrupt means, working class remains among the most exploited in the world.  The country is marred with acute illiteracy, poverty, corruption and diseases.

Loot of public exchequer through both -lawful and corrupt means -has reached its zenith. One after the other scam,  2G scam, KG Basin scam, CWG Scam, Goa Mining scam, Bellary scam, Cricket scam, Satyam scam, Telgi scam, Navy War room scam, Kargil scam, Taj Corridor scam, provident fund scam, hawala scam, fodder scam, cash for votes, securities scam, black money in swiss banks and innumerable others have become routine affair.  

The parties of bosses- chiefly Congress and BJP and other smaller props of left-right- SP, BSP, DMK, AIDMK, CPI, CPM- all have assisted the bosses in maintaining their rule and subjugating the working and toiling masses. Official and semi-official movements like Anna’s are controlled by the political establishment of corporate bosses keeping within its precincts and therefore pose no real threat to the capitalist rule.

We are forced to live under dictatorship of the banks and corporations, the product of the collective labor of billions of people the world over. The needs of the working, toiling and poor masses stand in direct conflict with the dictatorship of the banks and financial institutions over economic and political life. Working class must stand in opposition to the manoeuvres of the capitalist bosses and must oppose their drive to shift the burden of economic crisis to the shoulders of the working class.

The time has come for the working class to fight for elimination of capitalism- the system based on loot and profits- from face of the earth and reorganise the economic life under the democratic control of the working class to serve social needs instead of private profit.

The fight for this change, ushering into a revolutionary transformation of existing social conditions, is the fight for socialism. The sole force for this social change, is the working class, the overwhelming majority of the world population- in factories, on construction sites, in offices, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, universities, transport- all those who work and live on wages.

The socialist transformation of economic life, however, cannot be achieved without a struggle, a united struggle of the working class followed by other toilers. All history demonstrates that the rich never give up their power and privileges without a fight. However, whatever be the might of capitalists and their state, they are no match to the united working class. As the iron fist of working class would be raised, the whole system of capitalist loot would crumble in no time.

We, thus, call upon the working class to take to an independent class offensive against the rule of capitalists, while drawing other sections of urban and rural toilers and poor behind it. To do this, we propose that immediate steps be taken to:

1.       Occupy factories, railway stations, bus depots, schools, colleges, universities and roads and rail-lines.

2.       Circulate this appeal to all cities and all corners of the country and encourage workers and peasants to join the worldwide protests by starting occupations at their places.

3.       Propagate the precise and conceivable slogans against capitalists and their governments, (e.g. “no to capitalism”, “not for profit, but for people”, “Occupy Streets of Delhi”, "no way but revolution", "socialism or barbarism", we are 99%" "working class is too big to fall", "world belongs to us", "capitalism has failed the world" "nothing to lose-a world to win" etc.), through leaflets, posters, blogs, social networks etc.

4.       Bring out charters of demands everywhere, linking the most pressing demands to general demand for elimination of the rule of capitalists-an end to regime of loot and private profit.

5.       Oppose the program of the ruling class—bank bailouts, social austerity, war and the destruction of democratic rights

6.       Demand that immediate measures must be taken to establish social equality, including introduction of a steeply progressive income tax, a heavy wealth tax on billionaires and abolition of all indirect taxes.

7.       Essential commodities like edibles, clothing, fuel, medicines etc.  be brought through price-control order.

8.       Guarantee free and universal education, medical care and employment.

9.       All those involved in loot of public money through corrupt means, must be put inside jails. Fast Track open Courts (on camera) to try and punish them.

10.   All status, protocols and privileges of VIPs must be immediately abolished.

11.   Arm the workers and toilers to defend the movement against counter revolutionaries and fascists.


  1. Occupy stock exchanges too. Ocuupy those vulgar edifices.

  2. Suggest that point 1 on occupations should then specify creation of councils of action, defence committees, committees to provide food and shelter, and coordinate locally, regionally and nationally.
    Suggest a final point 12: For a Workers and Poor peasants government to nationalise the economy under workers control with no compensation to the capitalists and to implement a socialist plan.

  3. Umm, these protests are not anti-capitalist. They are against corporations being given a free reign and the state overlooking that. The marriage of corporation and state if you will.


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