Closing down this Blogsite! Follow us to the New!!

- From Editors/ 21 October 2013


We have decided to close down this site as we shift ourselves to the new website:

This blogsite, 'the new wave' was floated in our formative years, when we were just a political tendency. Now that we have formed our political party- Workers' Socialist Party- around a definite political program, so it is decided to act onwards through new blogsite  "Worker Socialist", that commensurates with the banner and program of the Party.

'Worker Socialist' distinguishes itself from other socialist currents, from utopian to degenerated stalinism, in that the 'worker socialist' bases itself upon the essential lessons of Great October revolution and takes centrality of the working class as its point of departure in determining its political program...

The new blogsite, would be the central organ of the Workers' Socialist Party, that in turn pledges to be the platform of the international working class and its bugle for the battlecry: "world socialist revolution"....

'Worker Socialist'

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