India: Failed Bourgeois State Celebrates Republic Day Amidst Escalating Crisis!

-Rajesh Tyagi/ Jan 26, 2011

The bourgeois republic of India today celebrated its 62nd anniversary. Celebrations had gone hand in hand with all leading newspapers of the country flooded with reports of crime, scams and corruption. The anniversary celebrations of Indian republic, incidentally coincide with the powerful mass uprising in Tunisia. While Indian bourgeois rejoices in the anniversary of its own misrule, the Arab world, the most reliable bastion of Imperialism, witnesses overturn of misrule of Ben Ali in Tunisia, on the other part of the globe.

This is thus high time that a balance sheet be drawn by the working class of the last 60 years existence of this republic of Indian bourgeois.

At the start of the year, bourgeois media had reported about two lakh peasant suicides due to poverty, hunger and agricultural debts. Peasant suicides have increased year after year to become a regular phenomenon today, since introduction of neo-liberal regime in 1991. Media has reported how peasants in Bundelkhand, were forced to sell of their children and their wives to pay the debts and to survive. This agrarian crisis, has sharpened more and more since then. Of the aid, provided out of the public exchequer, major part is swindled by the bureaucracy, leaving least for the intended beneficiaries.

Unrest in rural areas has turned into active resistance here and there. Turning back upon the difficulties of people, the defiant dictatorship of bourgeois clothed in republic, has unleashed a rule of terror in these regions of resistance.

Scams, running into siphoning off millions and millions from the public exchequer, by the top leaders and bureaucrats of the bourgeois state, have become all the more a permanent feature of this republic under the rule of bourgeois. More recent scams like Telecom 2G scam, Commonwealth Games scam, Satyam scam, which had run into innumerable loss to public money, can be counted upon only a tip of the iceberg.

Aggregate expense upon health and education both taken together does not come even to 5 percent of the GDP, yet more and more is being allocated to defence budget and maintenance of bureaucracy.

In the six decades of republic, the bourgeois rulers have failed to meet any of their avowed objective. They could not solve the problem of nationalities, and rather have found its resolution in repression of different nationalities- from Nagaland to Kashmir, through their armed forces. This has resulted in perpetuation of the rule of state terror everywhere, with false encounters, burning down of whole villages and rapes of women at the hands of armed men.

These six decades have seen repeated fury of communal riots taking its toll upon thousands of human lives, from maiming to killing en-masse. Anti-Sikh riots of 1984, directly provoked and aided by the congress government resulting in brutal killings of more than three thousand Sikhs, old and children included, rapes of women, Riots after Babri demolition in a conspiracy between rightist BJP and the Congress government led by P.V. Narasimha Rao, and the anti-muslim pogrom organised by the rightist BJP in Godhra involving mass killings of more than two thousand muslim men, women and children in all age groups are few examples. These communal riots are living proof and the essential fallout of the failure of bourgeois rulers to integrate religious communities into a nation. More than this, the communal divide between people is used as political plank by all bourgeois parties to advance their interest and thereby maintain the rule of bourgeois upon a mass of toilers and workers divided on religious and communal lines.

Recent agitation over Telangana and dwindling of bourgeois rulers over it, shows that the rulers have no political policy and instead rely upon opportunism in addressing the issue. In fact they have no resolution in vision of the problems of nationalities, ethnicity, linguistics, regions, religion, or caste etc. etc. and simply keep waiting for the problem to dilute by itself with time. This leaves them in a state of political delusion.

Bourgeois politics is thus marred by all reactionary elements of caste, religion, language, community etc etc. which in their turn produce a more reactionary power rooted in these elements and interested in maintaining only a status quo, without a vision and with rigid resistance to need for any radical change.

In these six decades of this republic people have seen how this republic works in interest of the rich and against the poor. The global financial crisis of 2008, which though had lesser impact in India, demonstrated how the rulers of this republic on one side bailed out the corporate giants and multi-millionaires from the public treasuries, while on the other imposed austerity measures burdening the already worn out working and toiling masses.

Not to mention the arbitrary police rule in cities and villages, and the power of mafia and local musclemen protected and nurtured by bourgeois politicians, bureaucrats and police, which comprise core of actual governance of bourgeois and which render democracy and republic a farce, even this farcical appearance is maintained to its convenience. At the height of crisis, the bourgeois rulers have not only imposed drastic regime of ‘emergency’ upon the whole country, but the draconian laws like Armed Forces Act, TADA, POTA, MCOCA, etc. had remained in operation from time to time. Even in entire capital city of New Delhi, Sec 144 Cr.P.C. which forbids more than four people to gather at a place is in perpetual operation, barring a small space at Jantar Mantar, where any political meeting can be done with permission and under strict surveillance of the police.

Terrorism, has become an all time pretext for official class to isolate itself from people inside the high walls and guarded installations of their offices and residences and to raise a huge force of bodyguards and securitymen at immense public expense.

Extremities in stark contrast, of wealth and prosperity at one end and poverty and deprivation on the other, is the composition of society which this republic of the rich has evolved in six decades.

In these 60 years, gradually the elected organs of its state institution have become weak and powerless, while the bureaucracy and judiciary have strengthened them to take the real power in their hands and thus away from any influence of the people. Its a failed democracy, as its elected organs are left with no power to exert any substantial influence upon the working and policy of the state.

This republic is fast heading towards a food crisis and price volatility. With trading in all essential commodities linked to global financial markets, food insecurity posing a danger of hunger for millions in the future is the concern.

Piling up of the black money inside and across the frontiers has erected a parallel economy in the hands of mafia, politicians and bureaucrats.

Rulers of the Republic, in their enthusiasm to join hands with super imperialist US, have spoiled their foreign relations with all countries in the region, including the next door neighbours like Pakistan and China.

Bourgeois republic in India is marred by acute contradictions of its own. Its capitalist rulers had never ruled the country independently on their own. They always remained subjected to the imperialists in both their foreign and domestic policy. They had come to power through a compromise with the colonialists, backstabbing the liberation movement. Under the fear of workers and peasants taking to power, these rulers had collaborated with landlords and preserved all foundations of medievalism. In last six decades, the bourgeois rulers had been ruthless in suppression of any attempt at the feudal relics.

The bourgeois republic of six decades, is rendered disintegrated and weak from inside, marred with its own contradictions, but it drags on infected with all social diseases, crime, corruption, scams, hunger and poverty, in absence of a real challenge to it, from the working class of India. Stalinists who have dominated the working class movement for these six decades, have assisted the bourgeois rule, by sowing illusions in its democracy and republic, and had kept the working class bound hand and foot, to one or the other sections of the bourgeois. The task before revolutionaries in India is thus to arm the working class with the program of revolutionary Marxism, to re-orient it towards this program and behind it the mass of toilers and do away with this decaying corpus of bourgeois dictatorship, hidden inside the cloak of republic.

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