India: Maoists openly pledge to throw their weight behind Mamata Banerjee, exposing their rotten politics to the core!

- Rajesh Tyagi/ 18.1.2011

The West Bengal State Committee of CPI (Maoist) has issued a prèss statement on 12th January pledging support for Trinamool Congress (TMC), led by Mamata Banerjee, if the TMC refrains from making alliance with UPA Government at the Centre. Releasing the press note on behalf of the CPI (Maoist), Bikram, one of the members of the Committee asked Ms. Banerjee to resign from the central cabinet to obtain full support of Maoists against CPI(M) during the coming polls. Two previous press releases issued by the CPI(Maoist) indicate the same tacit understanding between Maoists and the TMC.

Maoists, had always tag-teamed them to this or that section of bourgeois. Like Stalinists (CPI-CPM) they also believe in two stage theory of revolution and are hostile to the theory of permanent revolution. This two stage theory- capitalism today- socialism tomorrow, provides them an apology for adhering to the bourgeois, seeking inside it ‘national’ and ‘progressive’ sections. Whole edifice of Maoists, like Stalinists, is built up on bogus and historically discredited theory of two stage revolution. Their program of a ‘democratic revolution’, as first stage revolution in this two stage theory, is nothing but a shelter for them to seek collaboration with sections of bourgeois.

As the press release makes it clear, Maoists in the name of opposing the UPA and Congress, are seeking a pretext to hob-nob with TMC, a rabid rightist political party in West Bengal. The press release demonstrates absolute political bankruptcy of Maoist Politics.

The very same Maoists who put out a whole document in 2005 parliamentary general elections theorising the ‘eelction boycott’ saying that the same is a strategic and not tactical issue valid for the period of ‘new democratic revolution’, the very same Maoists for whom the only form of class struggle till yesterday was armed struggle, for whom parliaments were ‘pig-sty’, who always preached working class to keep hands off the bourgeois parliaments, are now eager to assist the bourgeois leaders to take their seats in parliamentary bodies. Their slogan for ‘new democracy’ has become a vehicle for new bourgeois alliances.

Maoism is nothing but a threshold to Market Socialism of Deng Shiao Ping. Deng is not anathema to Maoism, but its logical conclusion. If Maoists are really hostile to anything, it is the working class and its theory of permanent revolution.

Bypassing the core political issues of importance, Maoists, in order to mislead the working class, draw a false division in political arena: arms or no arms, and when the time really comes to use them, they use them against the working class. Its part of history that they turned their guns upon the working class in China, Vietnam and everywhere after the power fell to them.

Maoists are in complete agreement with Stalinists on all basic political disputes, which erupted inside Comintern against its degeneration at the hands of Stalinists. Both of them pay lip service to the cause of working class, while serving the real political interests of bourgeois in the name of ‘democratic revolution’.

It is not for the first time that Maoists have declared themselves for a party of the bourgeois. In last elections they had openly supported Jharkhand Mukti Morcha led by Shibu Soren. Before it they gave their hand to Rajshekhar Reddy in Andhra Pradesh. At one time they supported Bahujan Samaj Party terming it a party of dalits (downtrodden).

As the press release shows, Maoists are voluntarily ready to follow the lead and program of bourgeois and lobby for it. The press release says, “Rather than boycotting the elections, we will support her and follow the roadmap for development drawn up by her, if she comes to power”. So the roadmap of bourgeois is the road to Maoist revolution!

Maoists say they are party of workers and peasants. So what they exactly demand for the workers and peasants?

The press release further said that the Maoists, “want nothing but justice and development.”

They settle for bourgeois program of justice and development, instead of telling the workers, youth and the peasantry that justice and development for the masses would remain a mirage under the rule of capitalists. Instead of calling upon the workers and peasants to uproot the rule of bourgeois, Maoists re-assure the bourgeois, that it is only this much they want nothing else.

And they further undertake that for this program of development, provided it is put to effect sincerely! they are ready to sacrifice anything, including their long cherished ‘boycott’.

As press release says,”For the sake of peace and development, we will not boycott the elections and will participate in the peace process proposed by you (Ms. Banerjee)”

And this abandonment of ‘boycott’ one time darling of Maoists, is not aimed at using the parliamentary rostrum for revolutionary purpose, to facilitate its disintegration, but for the sake of ‘peace and development’. On top of it, they visualise TMC coming to power in West Bengal, and pledge further that they would participate in the peace process initiated by Mamata Banerjee.

The fact is that after their recent debacle in Nepal, the politics of Maoists is entering into a blind alley even in India. Their two stage revolution has come to rest with more and more integration of the world under the rule of capital and decline of national states. With this, not only the space for petty bourgeois parties has further squeezed, but the peasantry, the social class upon which Maoists built themselves up, bypassing the working class, is fast fragmenting and disintegrating in face of globalisation of capital.

They have been almost completely uprooted from Andhra Pradesh and even bigger political crisis they are now facing in West Bengal now. Their pledge to support and follow the lead of rabidly rightist TMC, would sure open the eyes of revolutionary youth and workers to the bogus politics of Maoists.

Maoists had continued sending feelers to bourgeois for a settlement. However, the objective situation on the ground is that the Maoists want peace with bourgeois, but the bourgeois does not. Bourgeois needs its dictatorship, its absolute domination, Maoists call for democratic alliance with it.

Such democratic alliances are nothing but political trap for working class and peasantry, in order to tag them to bourgeois and prevent them thereby from taking to the path of revolution: the Permanent Revolution. False notions of ‘new democracy’ as propagated by Maoists to be the road to revolution, are in fact the road away from it. In the name of ‘new democracy’ Maoists float the ‘bloc of four classes’ an alliance between section of bourgeois and the working class. Maoists are nothing but Chinese variant of Stalinism, sharing the same politics with them: Socialism in one country, two stage revolutions, multi class dictatorship, popular frontism with bourgeois and petty bourgeois, and so on and so forth. Inside the young Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of 1920’s, which fell casualty under the axe of Stalin, Maoists had emerged later from its ultra right wing elements, who abandoned the struggle in cities and took to peasantry bypassing the working class. Stalinists sowed the defeat after defeat upon the CCP and the working class, while Maoists adapted to those defeats and grew out of its decomposition.

Both Stalinists and Maoists are apologists of bourgeois and remain adherent to sections of bourgeois and petty bourgeois. While, at present, Stalinist left front led by CPI-CPM in West Bengal seek ways to draw support for them from Congress (I) led central government,  Maoists seek shelter under TMC led by Mamata Banerjee. In both cases it is bourgeois that dominates, while Stalinists and Maoists do the 'coolie' service for it, in politics.
The program for establishment of revolutionary Marxist Party has to evolve itself in direct struggle against Maoists and their theory of ‘new democracy, apart from fighting against Stalinists, liberals, social democrats and centrists. Only then this program would be able to re-orient the youth and workers, and the peasantry behind them, towards a proletarian revolution.

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